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While these projects are still near and dear to my heart, they are from an earlier time when I was starting out as a web designer, and therefore do not represent my current skill set. Please see my website portfolio for a list of current projects.

St. Theresa Church website pic

Church of St. Theresa of the Child Jesus

St. Theresa's first website.

Created in August 2001 by a two-man team of myself and Fr. Cliff Bishop. The initial growth stage is now complete, and subsequent additions will come as needed.

FandM Workshop Registration website pic

Workshop Registration - Franklin & Marshall College

Under the direction of Teresa Hagan, I created a workshop registration site using PHP and a MySQL database. Restricted to Franklin & Marshall members, users can login and register for workshops. They may also later login and add, change, or delete their registrations. Workshop admins also have an interface to manage (view, add, change, and delete) workshops and trainers.

Note: site requires user login -- details available upon request.

Fummer First 2003 website pic

Fummer First 2003 - Franklin & Marshall College

Rejoined Teresa Hagan to create an expanded site in 2003, with software downloads and a more easily-updated HTML/PHP based design and format. I was responsible for much of the site layout and redesign.

Fummer CD Online website pic

Fummer First 2000 - Franklin & Marshall College

Conversion from interactive CD for new students ("Fummer CD")

This was my first team project, under the direction of Teresa Hagan. We did the initial design, with me doing the majority of the Flash animation (July-August 2000)

Student Aid Office website pic

F&M's Office of Student Aid

A four-month job (Jan - Apr 2000) that called for a new front-page redesign for more straight-forward yet attractive access to all parts of the site, and moderate updates to inner pages, including downloadable forms translated into PDF's.

Note: link removed because site has been redone since my design -- original details upon request.

JNA website pic

F&M's John Newman Association

Homepage for F&M's Catholic Organization

This was my second web design project. Starting in January 1999, it saw a complete revision, redesign, and expansion in content. Due to my graduation in May 2001, it is now in new hands.

M32 website pic

MattMan32's Homepage

My personal and original site, created in the Spring of 1998, has undergone many revisions as I have experimented and expanded my knowledge.

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