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Ah yes, another yearly update time period has come... and gone! Argh, i'm late! (Dad, i know you even reminded me too...) But hey, what's a few weeks late, when you're this old? ;) Or at least it feels like i'm older now. I've been in the 'working world' for over a year now, and am almost upon my official one year anniversary at JWT (i had a 10-week contract before then).

What did i say about being busy last year? Whew... one reason i think i was late here is that the last 6 months or so have absolutely flown by. Ford Motor Company is in particular dire straits these days, and so they are doubling their efforts in both products and marketing, in an effort to succeed. Of course that means more work for me... which is both good and stressful. But i'm getting alot of good experience with alot of great people, so this is a rewarding first job. We'll have to see what i write about next year!

Miss REO (Rachel is her real name) is still here and better than ever. I definitely wouldn't be the same person without her in my life. We recently moved out of awesome but expensive Ann Arbor, and into Belleville, a small town in the middle of somewhere between A2 and Detroit. It's convenient for me to drive to work, let us each get apartments to expand all our stuff into, and allowed us to begin a life outside the college town. But we still long to be back in A2 sometimes, so again, we'll see where next year takes us.

As for LOST Magazine, it has been doing fantastically well, and is nearing its 10th issue soon. We're getting increasing numbers of visitors each day, and the breadth and quality of the writing keeps fascinating me. I'm so happy to be a part of publishing such great stories and allowing people to find lost things, places, and people. Yet again, we'll see where this continues to go.

So, if you recognize a theme here, it's like my life is starting anew. This past year was its birth, and now i'm nearing the one year-old birthday of my new life. Like any newborn, I've made some good first steps this past year, and I expect alot more to happen in this next year that i've never done before. I can't wait to hear next year's entry. Until then, stay tuned. And yes, i'll keep my bib on -- i'll probably need it ;)


Well, yes, indeed it has been a year since the last update (thanks Dad, for reminding me), so i will now endeavor to write a new entry to this page yearly. It's hard to imagine that a whole year goes by in between these writings, although alot happens during a year for me (as you can see below), so i guess it's understandable.

As predicted, life is completely different yet again. Instead of starting school, i am now finished with SI, having completed my four semesters that entitled me to a Master's degree. So, what amazing job did i pursue and achieve with my new degree? Um, nothing... at least not for 4 long months. But happily i am now employed once again, and have been for the past 6 weeks. It is doing information architecture, the field i came to see as my own, and the one i pursued with the most vigor in job applications. I work at an advertising agency in Detroit, doing IA and design on the Ford Vehicles website. It's a pretty good job, and i enjoy going to work. The people are friendly and energetic, and there's alot to learn, so the place definitely keeps me busy :)

Also exciting is my girlfriend, Miss REO, who i've been with for a whole year now (!). We both graduated from Michigan at the same time with the same degree, although her's is in library science while mine focused on the IT part. Libraries seem harder to break into than IT companies (surprisingly, altho looking at how old alot of librarians are, i guess it's not all that shocking...) so she's not yet acquired her dream job. But she's a dilligent worker and a lovely girl, so i'm sure someplace will soon find out how valuable she is.

Finally, of note, i'm starting an online magazine with some friends from Franklin & Marshall. It's called LOST Magazine, and it is due to come out this December. I'm heading up the website creation, and as this is my first time managing a team of web designers, it's a new challenge unto itself. But i promise it will be cool and exciting (plus there will be some good reading in there, too ;) ) so stay tuned to that site in the upcoming months.

So, i now have completed my transition from 'biology Matt' to 'IA Matt' -- not exactly what i expected back in 2001, but quite possibly something much better. And now i'm beginning the much larger part of my career, equipped with some great education, and putting my skills to good use. Hopefully things keep going as well as they have been these past years. I can only imagine what next year's post will be like.


Hmm, looks like this page will receive yearly updates... but nonetheless, this site is active and updated. You may have noticed the move to my own domain ( which was long overdue and will now enable me to develop and experiment with technology that i've used elsewhere.

I am about to enter my 2nd year of graduate school at SI, after a fruitful summer internship at CCH Wall Street, a company in New York City that creates technology to facilitate stocks and bonds traders in following the rules and regulations of their industry. Living in NYC was great, and showed me that i could survive and enjoy myself in a hyperactive, world-class city like the Big Apple.

Over the past year, I totally redesigned U-M's Graduate School website, which was very rewarding and signifies my most visually and functionally solid design i've made yet. Over the summer, in addition to the internship, i managed to add some further refinements to the College Dispatch site, including the integration of a message board from phpBB into the article creation and display system.

I will be returning to Rackham for another year of website work, as well as enjoying my last year of IT classes at SI. Hopefully this year will be even more enjoyable than the former, and i will be able to talk about more exciting things in my next update. :)


(Omigod, the News is updated! Yes, it is...)

In the last 5 months, my life has again changed alot: I am now taking classes at the University of Michigan's School of Information toward my Master of Science in Information -- an amazing two-year program that covers everything from user interface design and virtual reality to data archiving and IT's effects on economics, politics, and society as a whole. I've also managed to finish the beta version of the new College Dispatch website, which will employ a PHP/MySQL database combo to publish and deliver articles via the Web (look for it in the later weeks of September).

I'll be very busy these next two years, but look for updates nonetheless, as many people are directed to this site for my resume and portfolio information. Thanks for visiting!


The FUN stuff: yes, the McLaren F1 pictures and info are back! Go here to check them out


Hello everyone, and welcome to the newest version of my website, version 4!

This redesign was inspired by my desire to create 1) a more professional-looking website, 2) a site more reflective of my current artistic and programming talents, and 3) to better represent myself as a 23 yr-old in the business world by using this space as a portfolio/resume site.

The original single resume page has been essentially expanded into this entire site. The Semi-Daily News was replaced by this page, since the news is hardly even semi-daily. And what about the FUN stuff -- the McLaren F1 pics, computer stuff, and Ponderables? Don't worry, those staples of my previous site are all still here, but don't fit too well with the new scheme. I hope to revive them soon, in a separate section of the site.

So, to all visitors old and new, take a look around. I hope you find the new look to your liking.

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