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IT for Nonprofit Organizations

Data Integration between two HMIS databases

Working with three group members, we consulted for Washtenaw County, Michigan, in their HMIS data integration project. Two homeless shelters work together and share client information; one neede d to incorporate ServicePoint, a government required client tracking database, and thus both homeless shelters needed to contribute data for this effort. After numerous interviews and meetings with the County, the shelters, outside volunteers, and ServicePoint developers, we determined that creating a custom XML conversion tool (written in C++), complete with a taxonomy mapping across databases, would be the best solution for integrating the two shelters' data. We developed a test of the XML conversion program along with a complete strategy report for integrating this tool into the County's shelter system.

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Information Architecture

Socialtext Customer Exchange

Working with three group members and a representative for Socialtext, we evaluated the Customer Exchange, Socialtext's wiki-based customer support site. We employed many information architecture techniques, including client interviews, comparative evaluation, heuristic evaluation, category and content label analysis, and user tests. One of the challenges of this project was adapting these webpage evaluation techniques to a wiki, which has content that is constantly changeable by any registered user. The project culiminated in a consultation report that included high-resolution mockups, which we submitted to the client.

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Use of Information

Workflow Analysis and Recommendations for Digital Training Documentation

Working with five other group members, we consulted for the Survey Research Center (SRC) division of the University of Michigan's Institute for Social Research. After numerous client interviews, onsite evaluations and observations, an employee survey, and a literature review, we determined that the SRC needed to digitize their interviewer training manual, but their current workflow and culture would need to be redesigned. We delivered our findings in a strategy report, which included detailed recommendations about how to design the manual, and how to incorporate into their workflow the new methodology of digital training.

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Evaluating Systems and Services (Usability)


Working with two group members, we conducted a full array of usability studies, including comparative evaluation, an online survey, heuristic evaluation, and formal in-lab user tests. From these analyses, we identified key areas for improvement in SquirrelMail, and wrote a consultation report which we submitted to the developers of the product.

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User Interface Design

Map Drawing Program

Working with two group members, we employed various user interface design principles learned in class, such as comparative evaluation, page layout design, icon design, wireframes, and mockups. Culminated in a 70+ page report complete with high-resolution mockups of our map drawing program.

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